6:3 Exchange : Primary School Scholarships

About 6:3 Exchange : Primary School Scholarships

The 6:3 Exchange is a monthly financial opportunity to provide hope to a child or student at Cherish Uganda. We redefine how child sponsorship works based on Jesus words in Matthew 6:3, ‘when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing’. In this unique exchange, a child will never know that they have a ‘sponsor’ or a 'scholarship'. The confidentiality of the 6:3 Exchange protects a child from envying a child who does have a sponsors, developing a ‘sponsorship mindset’ of dependency and entitlement, and safeguards his or her personal sense of participation and belonging in a unified Ugandan family. We enroll the most vulnerable children from the surrounding villages at Cherish, as well as those in our short term care facility. Your gift of $50 a month will help give a child a Christ-centered education from teachers who are committed to the welfare, educational and spiritual growth of their students. You will receive monthly updates featuring different students that match your criteria, as well as the latest news from Cherish Primary School.